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1.1   Development and use of databases

Knowing the different types of database models: hierarchical, relational, object-oriented

Knowing the stages of the life cycle of a database: logical design, database creation, data entry, data maintenance, finding data

Knowing the term SQL (structured query language) and understanding its main use to create, search, update and delete data from relational databases


2.1  Fields/Columns

Create, modify, delete search in the field/column

Create, modify, delete a mask to enter data in the field/column

Set the required input data values for field/column: it is necessary, it is not necessary

2.2   Relations and joinings

Create, modify, delete links between tables: one-to-one, one-to-many

Create, modify relations between tables: many-to-many using the joining tables

Apply referential integrity between tables, automatic updates of related fields, automatic deletion of related records

Change, reverse the internal, external joining

Create, modify IS NULL joining (SUBSTRACT JOIN)

Apply joining of the tables with themselves


3.1   Types of queries

Create, run a query to update the data in the table

Create, run a query to add records to a table

Create, run a query to delete records in the table

Create, run a query to save selected data as a new table

Create, run a crosstab query

Create, run a query to show duplicated records in the table

Create, run a query to show unmatched records in related tables

3.2   Refining query

Create, modify, run a parameter query with one, two variables

Use wildcards in the query

Show highest, lowest range of values in a query

Create and name a field that performs arithmetic operations

Group information in a query using functions: sum, count, average, max, min

  1. FORMS

4.1   Controls

Create, modify, delete bound controls: text box, combo box, list box, check box, radio button.

Apply, remove bound control properties such as: list limitations, different values

Create, modify, delete unbound controls containing arithmetic, logical expressions

Change the sequential order of controls on a form

Create, delete linked below form


5.1   Controls

Establish arithmetic calculation controls in a report: percentage, currency, determine the number of decimal places

Apply the subtotal for the group, for all

Merge fields in the report

5.2   Display

Insert, delete fields in a group, page, report headers and footers

Sort, group records in a report by field or fields

Set a page layout to the group report

Create, delete linked below reports


6.1   Linkage and import

Link external data to a database: spreadsheets, text (. txt,. csv), existing database

Import spreadsheets, text, (. txt,. csv), XML, existing database to database

6.2   Automation

Create a simple macro like: close an object and open another one, open and maximize an object, open and minimize an object, print and close an object

Asign/attach a macro command button on the toolbar, object, control



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