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Advanced presentation – LibreOffice Impress: Link

Advanced presentations creation – Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Link


By using the quizzes posted on the links below test your knowledge of advanced making of presentations in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 program (prepared and drafted by: Gorana Čelebić):

Slides – Setup and export:

Create and save a new presentation template with features such as its own effects of background fill, logo, spacing between items of a bulleted list;

Merge slides or the entire presentation with an existing presentation;

Merge a word-processed outline into an existing presentation;

Apply a gradient, texture, pattern, image as a background fill on one or more slides;

Save a slide on a data storage device in a format gif, jpeg or bmp

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Pictures and images – Manipulation:

Convert an image into a drawn object;

Group and ungroup the drawn objects on a slide;

Position a graphical object (picture, image, drawn object) in front of or behind other objects in the grouped selection;

Position a graphical object (picture, image, drawn object) on a slide using specified horizontal and vertical co-ordinates;

Distribute selected graphical objects horizontally, vertically relative to a slide;

Omit background graphics from one or more slides

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Pictures and images – Effects and Formatting:

Apply a semi transparency effect to a picture, an image or a drawn object;

Apply a 3D effect to a drawn object;

Apply, move the shadow of a certain color on to an image, a drawing, an object;

Apply gradient, texture, pattern, image as a background fill to a drawn object;

Pick up a style from a drawn object and apply it to another drawn object;

Change the color depth of the image;

Crop; proportionately rescale a graphical object;

Rotate, flip, reflect the image;

Apply the available effects, such as negative, blur, sharpen, stained glass, emboss;

Convert an image to grayscale or black and white;

Convert an image into another file format, e.g. bmp, jpeg, gif

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Charts – Using charts and flowcharts:

Create a line–column chart on two axes/mixed chart;

Change the chart type;

Change the scale of value axis: minimum, maximum number to display, major interval between plotted numbers in a chart

Apply built–in ability to display units on the y–axis of the chart as hundreds, thousands, or millions, without changing the numbers in the table;

Draw a flowchart by using built–in tools for flowcharts and other available drawing tools;

Change or delete elements from the flowchart;

Change the types of connectors between the flowchart elements

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Multimedia – Sound, video and animations:

The appearance of animated objects after a mouse click or automatically;

Change the order of animations on the slide;

Apply automatic settings so that a text or an image will dim to a specified colour after animation;

Animate chart elements by series, by category, by elements in series

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Presentation management – Slide show control and custom slide shows:

Insert an action button to navigate to a specified slide, custom show, file, URL;

Modify action button settings to navigate to a specified slide, custom show, file, URL;

Apply timings to, remove timings from slide transitions;

Apply settings to a slide show so that it loops continuously when played, does not loop continuously when played;

Apply settings so that slides advance manually, advance using timings if present. Apply settings so that slide show is presented with animation, without animation;

Create, edit and show a custom slide show

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Linking, Embedding:

Link to a slide a text from a file, a range of cells from a worksheet or a chart created in a spreadsheet and display it as an object;

Update and modify data linked to the presentation;

Convert a linked object on a slide into an embedded object;

Insert an image from a file with a link to the file

Macros – Recording and allocation:

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Translation: Katarina Posilović

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