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Advanced text processing – Microsoft Word 2010: Link

Advanced text processing – LibreOffice Writer: Link


By using the quizzes posted on the links below test your knowledge of advanced word processing in the Microsoft Word 2010 program (prepared and drafted by: Gorana Čelebić and Mario Dujlo):

Apply the following effects on the text: strikethrough, superscript, subscript, shadow, etc.;

Use the automatic text correction entries and automatic text formatting options

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Use the galleries options for WordArt;

Use the options of shading and bordering paragraphs;

Apply the separation control of the first/last line of the paragraph

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Create, modify, update a style;

Use text outline/navigator options;

Create and modify a template

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Adding, deleting, and editing comments in the text;
Track changes in a document using a specified display view, accept or reject changes
Insert, edit, delete, show, hide comments

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Create a new master document by creating subdocuments from headings
Insert, remove a subdocument in a master document;

Create, update, modify and format a table of contents

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Create, modify, delete section breaks in a document;
Apply multiple column layouts. Change number of columns in a column layout. Insert, delete a column break

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Insert or delete a bookmark;

Create, edit, delete an index and a cross–reference;

Insert field like: author, file name and path, file size, fill-in/input;

Edit, update, delete the inserted field;

Lock or unlock a field

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Insert, delete, modify footnotes and endnotes;
Convert a footnote to an endnote. Convert an endnote to a footnote.
Add password protection for a document: to open, to modify. Remove the password from the document

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Use the options of merger and splitting of cells in a table;

Convert the text to a table. Convert a table to text.

Sort data (textual or numerical) in the table (ascending and descending) by one column, by multiple columns at the same time.

Create and modify a form;

Use the available form field options: text field, check box, drop–down menu, etc.;

Delete fields from the form; Protect, unprotect a form

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Insert, delete, move and link the text boxes;

Apply border and shading options to a text box;

Modify the table inserted in the document;

Create a chart within a document from the pasted data from a spreadsheet;

Apply text wrapping options for tables and graphical objects (picture, image, chart, diagram, drawn object).

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Create a simple drawing using built–in tools for drawing;

Use formatting options of shapes;

Change the order of shapes;

Group or ungroup shapes;

Add, modify, remove watermark in a document

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Add or update caption of an image or a table;

Add numbered captions;

Use option of automated captions;

Edit a data source or a data file for mail merge;

Sort the records in a data source or a data file;

Merge a document with a data source or a data file by the specified criteria for the merger

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Record a simple macro;

Copy and run a macro;

Assign a macro to a button on the toolbar;

Print only even or odd pages;

Print the selected part of the document;

Print the default number of pages on a sheet of paper

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Translation: Katarina Posilović

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