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1.1          Slide matrix

Inserting new slide matrix

Editing matrix slide design: font, graphic marks list, background color, fill effect, position of reserved places

Apply user matrix on certain slides

1.2          Templates

Creating a new template

Changing a template


2.1          Shaping drawn objects

Apply background fill effect on drawn objects

Apply transparency effect on drawn objects

Apply 3D effect and settings on drawn object

Copy style of drawn object and apply it to another object

Change given figuration on new drawn object

2.2          Shaping images and drawings

Setting image, lighting and contrast

Setting an image in grayscale, black/white and water print

Changing colors of an image and resetting the original colors

2.3          Handling graphic objects

Show, hide ruler, linebar and guidelines. Move guidelines. Turn on and off linebar alignment

Setting graphic object (image, drawing) on slide using horizontal and vertical lines

Distribute a graphic object vertically and horizontally

Crop a graphic object

Change the size of a graphic object: proportionally, disproportionately

Convert image into polygon and edit

Save object as file in graphic form like: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG

Omitting, showing background graphic on slide or slides


3.1          Using graphs

Editing title of graph, legend, data table and axis

Editing columns and rows, borders and graph area

Change chart type for defined line of data

Change gap, overlap between columns on graph

Change the scale of values on axis: minimum, maximum number to show, main interval between numbers on graph

3.2          Using charts

Create chart using installed possibilities or other available tools for drawing charts such as flow chart, cycle, pyramid

Add, edit, delete a shape or a chart

Add, edit, delete connectors in chart


4.1          Film, sound

Insert film and start it automatically on a mouse click

Insert sound and start it automatically on a mouse click

4.2          Animation

Change custom settings of edited effects and animations. Change the order of edited animations

Apply custom settings so that after animation an item on the list of graphic turns into specific color

Animate chart element according to series, category, and elements in line. To animate/not animate chart bars and legend


5.1          Linking, inserting

Insert, edit, delete hyperlink

Insert action button. Change action setting so it starts certain slide, adjusted projection, file, URL

Connect data on slide and show it as an object, icon

Update and start hyperlink

Insert image from a file and connect it with a file

Inserting data on slide and show as object

Edit, delete inserted data

5.2          Export, import

Connect slides, whole presentation, structural view from text editor into the current presentation

Save slides in various file formats: GIF, JPEG, BMP


6.1          Adjusted projection

Create and start a named projection

6.2          Projection settings

Copy, edit and delete adjusted projection

Apply and remove timing between slides

Apply settings to show and not to show projection continually

Apply settings to move slides manually, using timing if that is available

Apply settings so projection is with or without animations

6.3          Managing projection

Add, delete manually written comments during projection

Black or white screen during projection. Pause, start, end projection




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